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Dr. Kathleen Ford

Dr. Kathleen Ford

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Ford was raised in Farmington, Utah, where she grew up with all sorts of animals, ranging from cattle, horses, hamsters, chickens, cats, and dogs! She always wanted to help the animals she cared for so much as a child, and now she gets to do just that as a full-time Veterinarian and the Owner of Quail Pointe Veterinary Hospital.

Kathy graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s in Medical Technology and minors in Microbiology and Chemistry. She graduated in 1988 from Colorado State University with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Her first job was in Farmington with Dr. White, where she stayed for the first seven years of her career. After working in Ogden and North Salt Lake, she opened up her own practice after 14 years of veterinary work, Quail Pointe Veterinary Hospital! In 1999, Dr. Ford was elected the first female President of the Utah Veterinary Medical Association.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Ford likes challenging cases involving dermatology, reproduction, and endocrinology. She has two pets of her own at home: Denny, a Bullmastiff who is very polite, and Beans, a French Bulldog who acts like he wants to give you a kiss, then sneezes in your face!

In her spare time, Kathy likes cooking, reading, collecting antiques, participating in dog shows, and traveling with her two furry companions.

Dr. Kathy Lindstrom

Dr. Kathy Lindstrom


When Dr. Kathy was younger, the only animals her parents permitted her to have were a hamster and a parakeet. As she got older, she began sneaking the neighborhood stray cats into the house to tend to their wounds and injuries. One day, her parents discovered her side hobby and predicted that one day she would be a veterinarian – and it turns out their prediction was spot on. Today, Dr. Kathy gets to help all sorts of animals on a daily basis at Quail Pointe Veterinary Hospital, and thankfully, she no longer has to be secretive about it!

Dr. Kathy enjoys every opportunity that being at Quail Pointe Veterinary Hospital affords her. She especially loves fostering new relationships with the animals that come into the clinic, along with meeting their owners and educating them on providing the best care possible. Being part of a wonderful, selfless team at the clinic is an amazing feeling that Dr. Kathy cherishes every day.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Dr. Kathy spent her undergraduate college years in Maryland, where she graduated from Hood College with a B.S. in Biology. She would go on to attend and graduate from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and then practice in Mesa, AZ for a while before eventually settling down in Utah.

When she’s not helping save animals at the clinic, Dr. Kathy is kept busy at home by her family. She has two children (a son and a daughter) and three chihuahuas, one Great Dane mix and four cats at home that keep her busy! (All of her animals are rescues).

Some of Dr. Kathy’s favorite hobbies include reading, watching plays and musicals, singing and is a proud foodie who loves to eat good food! She has also made it a point to work with various local rescue organizations and shelters.