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Poodle Day

October 3 2022

Did you know that today, October 1st, is Poodle Day? These iconic pooches have very unique appearances, and make fun and lovable pets. A local veterinarian discusses the Poodle below.

Beloved Underdog

Fido was initially met with some side-eye when he first appeared on the scene, but he became quite popular after winning Best In Show at Westminster. The Poodle was the most popular breed from 1960 to 1982, when the Cocker Spaniel knocked them off the top spot.

Three Sizes

There are three official types of Poodles; Standard, Miniature, and Toy. There is also a fourth type, the Medium, but it’s not universally accepted.

Fido Used To Be In The Circus

Poodles were once very popular circus dogs! Fido learned many tricks, including walking tightropes, acting, and performing card tricks.

Unclear History

Some believe that Poodles originated in Germany. Fido’s name seems to support this: the word ‘Pudel’ means ‘to splash’ in German. However, others think the curly pups are from France, where they were called the Caniche, or ‘duck dog.’ Other possibilities include Russia and Northwest Africa. Fido isn’t telling!


Poodles are often referred to as hypoallergenic. This isn’t technically correct, as they do still shed and produce dander. However, their curly coats trap the dander, and their fur grows slowly. Therefore, people with allergies often find them easier to tolerate than other pups.

Early Job

Fido’s first official doggy job was retrieving fowl and spent arrows. Those tufts of fur on his legs helped him move through the water. Now, they mostly just look cute.


Poodles can wear a whopping 50 different hairstyles, including a form of doggy dreadlocks, which is called cording. Our advice? If you take Fido to a salon, bring a picture of the cut you want, to avoid confusion.

Healthy Pups

Most Poodles live long, happy, healthy lives. This is in large part due to the efforts of responsible breeders, who test their stock for congenital defects. However, some health issues can still occur, including hip dysplasia and eye disorders. Ask your vet for care tips.

Activity Level

Fido may very well have gotten his name from his love of jumping over puddles. These guys are very active, and need lots of exercise and playtime. Be prepared for a high-energy pooch! 

They Love Swimming

Most poodles absolutely love the water. This makes sense, as they were bred to retrieve game. Fido may be over the moon if you toss a stick or ball into a pond or pool for him. Just don’t leave him unattended near water.

Contact us, your animal clinic, for your pet’s care needs. We’re here to help! 

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