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Keeping Your Pet Cool In Summer

May 16 2022

Summer is coming, and so are those sweltering temps. Heat can be pretty rough on Fido and Fluffy. They are wearing fur coats, after all! Read on as a local Syracuse, UT veterinarian offers some information on helping your furry best friend beat the heat.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Keeping your four-legged buddy properly hydrated is crucial here. You may need to set out multiple water stations. If your pet has a yard to play in, keep water stations outside as well. Refresh the water regularly, as sometimes critters like toads will sit in the water, contaminating it.


When summer rolls around, you may need to adjust Fido’s schedule a bit. Walk and play with him in the mornings and evenings, when it’s not as sweltering out. As for Fluffy, well, she’ll sort her own agenda out. Scheduling those 72 daily naps can be tricky!

Cool Beds

Do you have trouble sleeping when it’s too hot? Fluffy and Fido can, too. Hammock beds or raised beds can be great for summer. They allow air to pass beneath them, keeping them nice and cool. You can also point a fan at your furry pal’s bed. Just make sure they can’t knock it over!

Cooling Vests

One thing you can do to help your canine companion is to get him a cooling vest. There are a few different styles of these. Some you keep in the freezer, and others you just soak with water. You can also go the DIY route, and tie a wet bandana around Fido’s neck.


Good grooming will also help here. Dead fur and dander can be very hot and itchy!

Cold Snacks

Who doesn’t like a cold snack on a sweltering day? You can get Fido and Fluffy some frozen treats at the pet store, but there are also lots of homemade recipes to try. Mix some canned food with water in ice cube trays, and freezing it overnight. You can also put shredded beef or chicken in an ice cube tray, and then pour water or sodium-free broth over it.

Climate Control

Last but certainly not least, make sure your pet always has access to rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners. Don’t leave Fido and Fluffy outside when it’s hot!

As your local Syracuse, UT animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. We’re here to help!

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