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Things Dogs Don’t Understand

February 15 2022

Did you know that we’ve been friends with Fido for as much as 30,000 years? Over that time, we’ve gotten to know our canine pals quite well. However, it’s easy to forget that they don’t process information the same way we do. This is very important, because it can be quite easy to misread your pup’s behavior. A local Clinton, UT vet lists a few things that your pooch doesn’t quite understand in this article.


We know, sooner or later your pooch is going to misbehave. However, you should never punish him for it. Yelling at—or worse, striking—your furry friend will probably just confuse him, especially if it’s after the fact. Fido won’t associate his behavior with your reaction, and won’t understand why you’re mad at him. This can actually cause him to become anxious, frustrated, and, in some cases, aggressive. Focus on rewarding good behavior. 


This one really isn’t a surprise. Our feline friends can be quite confusing. Kitties may make even less sense to dogs than they do to us. After all, Fluffy growls when she’s happy, willingly cleans herself, and rarely, if ever, does what she’s told.


Fido may look adorably proud of himself when he knows he’s being a good boy. However, he doesn’t really have a grasp of the overall concepts of good and bad: he’s just following his instincts and going by what he’s learned. For instance, if your furry bff is chewing, he isn’t deliberately trying to ruin your things: he’s probably acting out of boredom, anxiety, or loneliness. 

Language Nuances

We all know that Man’s Best Friend is very smart. Some dogs can learn as many as 100 different words and phrases! However, this knowledge is typically tied to very specific words and phrases. Always use the same language when training, disciplining, and even talking to your pooch. Fido won’t understand that ‘Fido, go lay down in your bed’ means the same thing as ‘Go to bed’ or that ‘Sit’ is the same command as ‘Sit down now, Fido.’

Bonus: Doors

Fido doesn’t usually have trouble just going in and out of regular doors. However, glass doors do sometimes throw him off. Quite a few of our canine patients have bonked their noses on them!

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