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Cat Care Mistakes

February 7 2022

Kitties have a reputation for being easy keepers. (They also have a reputation for being quirky and contradictory, but that’s another topic.) However, good cat care entails much more than just filling Fluffy’s bowls and providing her with catnip and lap space. A Clinton, UT vet goes over some common cat care mistakes below.

Letting Fluffy Roam

One of the best things you can do for your furry buddy is keep her inside. Outdoor kitties face some very serious threats, such as cars, weather, and wild animals. This will of course be much easier if you get Fluffy used to being an indoor pet when she’s still a baby.

Not Getting Your Pet Fixed

While the main reason to get Fluffy fixed is to prevent unwanted litters, the benefits go far beyond that. Cats that have been fixed are typically much calmer and less aggressive than intact furballs. They’re also less likely to spray, and are not as inclined to try and run off to go looking for love. Your feline buddy will also have reduced odds of developing several health problems. Last but not least? You’ll be spared the sound of your kitty’s love songs. (This is probably reason enough in and of itself.)


Fluffy is cute, sweet, lovable, cuddly, and entertaining, but she isn’t purrfect. Sooner or later, she’ll knock a glass of water off the table, scratch your sofa, or pounce on your shoelaces. Never punish your precocious pet for misbehaving. Your feline pal won’t know what she did wrong or why you’re angry at her, and may just get confused and upset.

Lack Of Stimulation

Cats are quite tired, but they can’t spend all of their time snoozing. Fluffy is a hunter by nature, so she is hardwired to investigate things and ‘stalk’ potential prey … even if her ‘prey’ is just a dust bunny or a bottlecap. Make sure your furry friend has plenty of toys, as well as a few fun pieces of furniture. We also recommend playing with your cat regularly.

Not Enough Veterinary Care

Many of our feline patients don’t see us as often as they should! We recommend that kitties be microchipped, spayed and neutered, and kept current on their exams, vaccines, and parasite control. Keep up with Fluffy’s appointments!

As your Clinton, UT veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch veterinary care. Contact us anytime!

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